About The Author

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle with a love for coffee and theology. I was educated in a home schooled family with a father and mother that love and serve the Lord and raised me in the same manner. I believe that God has a designed plan to use the family legacy to help bring the gospel into communities of people. My desire is to see my children and their children’s children reach the unbeliever with a history of generations of faith in Jesus.

I received my Biblical education through the local church at Northwest Foursquare Church in Federal Way, Washington. I received my Associate in Biblical Studies (Abi) at Life Ministry Institute (an extension of Life Pacific University)  which is certified by the Foursquare Christian Education.

I currently live in Central Washington and serve as a volunteer licensed pastor in my local church while working full time to provide for my wife and two boys.

Through years of practical ministry experience and a desire to grow in my knowledge of Scripture, I started this commentary as a means of self growth and to share with others what I have learned through my study of Romans. My goal is to encourage other believers with exegesis and thoughtful consideration of Romans.

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